Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Revamp/Repurpose : DIY Skinny tie into Bow tie (PIC HEAVY)

So I recently ordered a few bowties from a friend who is custom making them for me...but in the meantime i decided to see what I could do with the skinny ties i had, I googled a bit and stumbled upon a youtube video of someone turning a skinny tie into a bow tie and decided to give it a shot.

First, I would advise you to watch this clip to get a general idea of how its going to be and then see how I did mine, incase some of it seems unclear.

Here's how I did mine. (its picture heavy)

Start with skinny tie like this

Step 1
Loop the bottom part of the tie through the band at the back 

Be sure not to pull it too far in because this will determine the size of your bow tie

Step 2
Fold the part looped only once

Flip it over

Step 4 
Layer the rest of the tie over it, in equal lengths to the folded part, do this three (3) times

Step 5
On the 3rd layer stop halfway

Place your finger firmly in the middle and twist the material to face away from you

Step 6

Now hold the folded/twisted part firmly with your thumb and begin to wrap the rest of the tie firmly around it...

wrap it twice or three times..I did three for good measure :)

Step 7
Insert the end/tip of the tie through where your thumb was

Pull it all the way through and tighten the knot, its going to look messy but you can twist and adjust it to look fine. dont worry

Step 8
Now that you have the bow tie made, there are two ways to put it on, one is the method shown in the video and here is my own method which is basically the same but less tricky and easier to do.

You are now going to loop the end of the tie through the top band, similar to step 7 above but at the very top loop as shown below.

Now you can put this over your head and 
can pull the end to adjust how tight you want it
Make sure you are wearing a collared shirt so you can hide the rest of the tie thats wrapped around your neck.




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