Sunday, January 8, 2012


Back in canadaland!!! Boy am i glad to be here, was startng to lose my mind without reliable internet for a bit. Im back with lots of pics n stuff, I'm gonna try not to cram all my posts into one but to one of the main reasons i went home, The wedding of my family friend...Mrs Angela Omajali!!


Trad Wedding tins : The Lovely Couple
Phew! Its Hot up in this binsh!  

                           My fab Fam! Forgive my Squeezed face, it was sunny as hell :P

                                                       Holy! My lil bros so big now

                                        Offering time! Lol yes its a bag of rice...swag...NOT!



                                        Oh yea, Hello Mr Nice watch, Thanks Mum :D

Me n My Queen :)

Once a Naija Boy, always a naija boy 

Tolu stylin in Marc Jacobs Shades
Zecca Blazer
Dockers Chino Pants
Custom made Velvet Loafers

Moi: Ermenegildo Zegna Suit
Tommy Hilfiger Aviators
Zara Shoes



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