Saturday, January 14, 2012

So fresh So clean

This right here is basically skin care 101 for guys...Not only girls should be concerned with grooming and bodycare...I mean no girl wants to touch scaly, ashy, pockmarked guy who smells like a dirty gym bag. So gents heres my guide to staying fresh. Im going to be covering basically the grooming products that I use as part of my daily regimen.

1. Shower Gel: I use Old Spice 16 hour Odor Blocker...Great wash, awesome smell. 

2. Facial Scrub: St Ives Green tea Scrub
Use this and you face will literally feel squeaky clean, this clears off all the debris, sweat and oil, Leaving your face nice and fresh

3. Cucumber Peel off Mask
Saw this used in american psycho...Thought i'd give it a shot. Loved it, leaves ur skin feeling really cool. I usually alternate between this and the green tea scrub.

4. Body Lotion: St Ives

5. Body Splash: Bod Man Fresh Guy
yes men have a body splash...and it smells very nice...Bod Man made by parfumsdecoeur comes in different color coded smells but this is my favorite...a few spritz of this and u may not even need to wear cologne.

6. Cologne: Hugo Boss 
Musk, woody and spicy smells...Very Manly 

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