Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eclectic Thoughts

Just posting a few random pics from my old blog, Eclectic Thoughts.


It clearly states not to sit on the AC unit lol,Did i listen? Nope.
H&M Sweater
Vintage Satchel
LV key Purse
Aldo Boots

back when i had my ears pierced. lol mom went ape shit on me 

leChateau Tweed Blazer
TM Lewin shirt

damn I used to be so skinny :P
ZARA Blazer
Vintage LV belt
ZARA Blue Loafers

Custom Made Shirt
BlueNotes Sweater
Zara Boat Shoes

face swole,lol i look like a drug my friend brian would say.

Zara Blue Tassel Loafers

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