Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I want - Nokia 808 PureView with the unbelievable 41 MP camera – Overview

So I was doing  a little research cameras and what cameras could give me the quality and functionality of a DSLR but still be easy to use by a novice, I decided I'd get myself a Sony nex-5 for starters and then maybe work my way up (will do a review when i buy it), but then this,popped up.
 its the new Nokia 808 PureView. besides the regular phone features, its got 41megapixels
41 Megapixels!!! are u serious ryt now?? thats insane!!! that waayyy more than any consumer camera out there (dont quote me lol)

I want this soooo bad ryt now...imagine how much detail and color richness this will give you. I'm so excited for this to come out

check out the full specs here

sample pics and video after the jump

source: NokiaOfficialFlickr

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